DMW Technologies Private Limited is under dispute

We are currently in Management Dispute

DMW Technologies, founded by two Software engineers back in late 2005. It gradually became DMW Technologies Private Limited in Mid 2007. For those who still doesn't know, DMW stood for "Desktop", "Mobile" and "Web". DMW Technogies was funded in december 2010. It also went on to accuare an old Limited Libility Company (LLC) in the United States, by the name of "DMW Software Services".
DMW Technologies is  Under Dispute
This is to inform and notify every one related or dealing with anyone pretending to be from "DMW Technologies" or "DMW Technologies Pvt Ltd". This company is not (operational in any form) from May 2011 till further notice. Anyone contact, project or aggreement after that should be considered null and void. In case of any further information, complaint or more details, please feel free to contact any one of the directors: