Effective Link Building Strategies to Pull More Traffic and Avoid Mistakes

If you’re not well aware of the criteria of Google and the other important things related to the present day link building, you can end up making mistakes that may lead to serious consequences. Hence before strategizing an effective link building format to drive more organic traffic to the website, know a few effective link building techniques discussed in the given pointers.

Know and understand what Google wants

When Google Penguin and Panda did some crucial changes in the SEO on-page and off-pages Google Hummingbird makes it essential that you make the link building strategies completely Google proof. There are a few things which are absolutely termed as a big “no” from the champion search engines focusing only on enhancing the user-experience with the ultimate information they want.

Therefore, while strategizing for the optimum link building, keep the following factors under consideration—

  • Copying the content from a brilliant website should be restricted

Scraping content from a reputed website is no less than theft of content. Avoid copying content from the brilliant sites. Instead, get inspired and get your own content. Rather following them blindly, let the writers craft the well-written content after a fine research which is meaningful and 100% relevant to the site. Google will never appreciate link building on the copied content from another site. Henceforth, before submitting the content whether article, blog or the website content in the CMS, pass it through Copyscape to make sure that the content you are posting are freshly written, not copied or scrapped from the other websites.

  • Avoid encouraging low-quality guest posting

Link building in the guest posts adds more value in the process of driving more organic traffic. Therefore, make sure that readers are truly helped by the post. Posting inauthentic content that doesn’t contribute to the substantial value to the readers will not at all impress Google. Guest posting also leaves an impressive mark on your brand. Therefore, make sure that the digital marketing team taking care of the guest posting should use their best writers in writing those content.

  • Don’t target the same keywords

Google doesn’t want you to follow the footsteps of your competitors. Therefore, choose the keywords that your competitors are targeting less and instead of following their concepts of linking the keyword or key phrases, find unique and effective ideas of your own.

When it comes to strategizing for link building, “let Google be your shepherd”.