Need New AV Equipment And Products? Ask These Questions!

 If you need to install new audio-visual equipment for your office, you must first find an AV company that you can rely on. While there are plenty of suppliers and companies in the market today, selecting one can be tricky. Buying AV solutions and systems is much different from renting products for an event. In this case, the quality of the products is of extreme importance, because you wouldn’t want to make the same purchases every year. Below are things you need to ask before working with corporate audio visual services.

How long have you been in business?

A company that promises to offer the best AV solutions and support should be a reliable one. They must have good reputation within the industry and must offer references on request. Ask about their clients and the scale of projects they have managed so far.

Can you offer custom solutions?

AV products, equipment and products have evolved in recent years, and there’s a tech solution for every corporate need. You need to work with a company that can offer the best solutions, keeping the specific needs of your company in mind. They must be able to scale their product range to solve the immediate concerns of the client, and must be accessible too.

Are you good with support?

Most corporate firms and business need support on AV systems at different points of time, and hiring a team of external engineers will only escalate the cost of the system in the long run. Find a company that’s good with ongoing support, even if they charge you annually for the job. Customer support is not limited to sales and implementation, but they should have an in-house team of product experts to handle client calls on request.

Will you offer an estimate?

Well, AV solutions are getting expensive by the day, and you need a team that can offer solutions with a defined estimate. The quote, should include all the costs involved in purchases, implementation and training. The products should be easy to use, and the seller should guide the members of your team on using the new systems. Also, the estimate should be the final price payable for the entire work done by them. In short, keep an eye on the hidden charges.

Lastly, check if the seller is experienced with the implementation and can handle the job by coordinating with building managers and general contractors.